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On May 14th, 2004 students from the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) and ACTS voted to approve the formation of the Trinity Western University Graduate Student Association (TWUGSA). Prior to this vote, the TWUGSA Constitution was approved by the TWU Board of Governors and the TWUGSA Bylaws were approved by the President's Cabinet.

The main focus of TWUGSA is to serve the graduate student body by providing representation on a global scale through personal involvement with Trinity Western University's administrative committees. Secondly, TWUGSA wishes to enhance and support the individual graduate student experience at Trinity Western University.



Student groups wishing to be officially recognized by TWUGSA are required to submit an application form to any member of the council.

Elnaz Bondar


"I am a graduate student in the counselling psychology MA program at TWU. I experienced different cultures by living in countries such as Iran, Malaysia, and Canada throughout my life. I worked in various mental health areas, such as autistic children’s (and their parents’) consultant, Vancouver Crisis responder, large group facilitator, and new immigrants’ English facilitator. I also hold many leadership skills, such as being a general manager at a construction company for the last eight years. I also participated in many community events, such as holding community educational events for federal, provincial, and municipal elections and different fundraising events. I believe that my multicultural background, my insights about the society’s political foundation, my managerial knowledge, my mental health work experience, and my field of study (i.e., Counselling Psychology) has enabled me to develop a deep understanding of human sufferings. Having said this, with a non-judgmental perspective, I strive to listen to every graduate student’s obstacles or challenges, and I make every effort to solve these issues at all levels. My message to every graduate student at Trinity Western University is that we are here to advocate for every one of you; let us be your voice and help you resolve any issue that you may experience in your graduate journey at Trinity Western University!"

Sushma Rawat.jpg

Sushma Rawat

Vice President of Finance

I am honored to accept the position of Vice President of Finance at Trinity Western University. As a graduate, I look forward to serving our TWU community in new ways.
I am currently studying MBA in International Business and have a Bachelor's degree with a major in Finance from Christ University, India. Post my undergraduate, I worked with KPMG for a few years as an Auditor, worked extensively on financial statements of small and large UK banks. I have also led a team of 4-5 junior auditors. In addition to my day-to-day role, I have spearheaded the department’s People Focus Group, led several extra-curricular initiatives including 'Be Mindful', 'People Focus Group-solution box', Story of My Name', and have received great feedback from the team on these initiatives.  
During my school and college days, I have actively participated in the Student Union initiatives, volunteered in the intra-department events both academic and cultural and have been class representative for various fests. 
These experiences have helped me develop my interpersonal skills, technical knowledge and given me a springboard from which my serving as VP of Finance would start. 
It is a privilege to be part of TWUGSA, I look forward to integrating my experience, serving this society, and learning new perspectives from the diverse community our university accommodates. 


Marleen Simon_closeup.jpg

Marleen Simon

I am an MBA student in the Non-Profit & Charitable Organization Management stream at TWU. I am honoured to serve on the TWUGSA council for the 2021-2022 school year.

Currently I work in the utilities industry as a Contract Specialist. As part of my role, I oversee multimillion dollar construction contracts and take initiative in problem solving, identifying areas of improvement, as well as, implementing solutions. I have proven experience in Contract Negotiation, Project Management, Project Planning, Logistics, Procurement and Training. Upon graduation, I will be starting a not-for-profit organization aiming to provide educational support to marginalized communities.

There are generally two reasons why people pursue a Master's; to learn more and for networking purposes. The first class I took at TWU was Christian Leadership & Ethics. During the review of our case studies, it became very clear that decision making in leadership roles may appear straight forward,  but often are not. As a TWU representative, I want to create opportunities  where leadership challenges can be discussed and various viewpoints considered. Additionally, I hope to increase networking opportunities and improve inclusiveness in the Graduate community, bringing together students from the various campuses and online platforms.

The people we currently go to school with, will be some of our best contacts for future projects, fundraising, call to action and support. As part of the TWUGSA council,  I will work with the graduate team to increase the awareness of the requirement for integrity in our workplaces and the role we play as TWU students and eventually graduates.


Max Pic_edited.jpg

Max Dias

Vice President

I come from India and currently pursuing the MA leadership program (Business). Being a Christian, the mission and vision of Trinity Western University resonate with me profoundly. I have studied Master’s in Business Administration (International Business) with an overall work experience of 5+ years from various industry domains ranging from financial services, ITES, Sports Operations, Event Management, and IT. I am an avid sports lover and a football player. I have represented my school, college, university, organization at many different levels, and I am also a part of the Trinity Western University’s Intra-Mural soccer tournament. 
I was blessed to get an opportunity to work in well-known sporting events in India and across the globe; The Indian Super Football league, The Indian Premier League, Chennai Tennis Open, Pro-Kabaddi League, and 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Hospitality (GCC market). I am experienced in supervising, training, and leading a team of 50+ members on matchday operations for the roles of Box Office Ticketing, On-ground operations, Vendor Management, and handling customer-related queries. During this journey, I learned what it is to be accountable as a leader, and the responsibility associated with it. 
It will be my privilege to serve the graduate student community with total dedication and make sure every voice gets heard. I also look forward to engaging and learning from the students to make the journey fruitful. 
“Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person. Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.” ~ Mother Teresa

Dylan Braun_edited.jpg

Dylan Braun

Hi, my name is Dylan Braun and I’m a student in the MAIH program (Interdisciplinary Humanities). I’m from Thorold, Ontario, a small city close to Niagara Falls. I’m interested in history and philosophy, and I love golfing, playing hockey and drinking coffee (or tea)! I feel very blessed to be a part of the Trinity Western graduate community and I am honoured to be a student representative this year. I hope to carry out the mission of the GSA by supporting students in their educational pursuits and in their journey of faith in Jesus Christ. One of my goals will also be to help showcase the exciting research and scholarship of our graduate student community. I look forward to hearing from other students and hopefully I will see you at our events during the year! 

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Saater Igyuse



I am an MBA student with specialization in International Business. I have a background in Public Health and Environmental Sustainability, and have worked with a few organizations in the United Kingdom evaluating the impact of green infrastructure on health and wellbeing of people in deprived communities. I have also served as the Quality Assurance Officer of a major health insurance firm in Nigeria for over seven years and have authored several books, including Woman Exposed.

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