On May 14th, 2004 students from the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) and ACTS voted to approve the formation of the Trinity Western University Graduate Student Association (TWUGSA). Prior to this vote, the TWUGSA Constitution was approved by the TWU Board of Governors and the TWUGSA Bylaws were approved by the President's Cabinet.

The main focus of TWUGSA is to serve the graduate student body by providing representation on a global scale through personal involvement with Trinity Western University's administrative committees. Secondly, TWUGSA wishes to enhance and support the individual graduate student experience at Trinity Western University.



Student groups wishing to be officially recognized by TWUGSA are required to submit an application form to any member of the council.

Elnaz Bondar


"I am a graduate student in the counselling psychology MA program at TWU. I experienced different cultures by living in countries such as Iran, Malaysia, and Canada throughout my life. I worked in various mental health areas, such as autistic children’s (and their parents’) consultant, Vancouver Crisis responder, large group facilitator, and new immigrants’ English facilitator. I also hold many leadership skills, such as being a general manager at a construction company for the last eight years. I also participated in many community events, such as holding community educational events for federal, provincial, and municipal elections and different fundraising events. I believe that my multicultural background, my insights about the society’s political foundation, my managerial knowledge, my mental health work experience, and my field of study (i.e., Counselling Psychology) has enabled me to develop a deep understanding of human sufferings. Having said this, with a non-judgmental perspective, I strive to listen to every graduate student’s obstacles or challenges, and I make every effort to solve these issues at all levels. My message to every graduate student at Trinity Western University is that we are here to advocate for every one of you; let us be your voice and help you resolve any issue that you may experience in your graduate journey at Trinity Western University!"

Junius Pereira

Executive Vice President

"I am Junius Pereira, an MBA graduate student at Trinity Western University. Being an international student from India, its been a year since the time I landed in Canada, I feel privileged to be a part of Trinity Western University which I believe is instilling within me the fundamental aspects of professionalism, ownership, leadership and creative thinking and the TWU community which is helping me not just grow as a  professional but personally and spiritually with Christian values and embedding a stronger bond with Jesus which was instilled by my parents from my birth and grow as a leader to serve the community. Having stayed in a different geographical location in India having my early childhood in north India and undergraduate in the southern part of India, I have experienced different cultures and languages, and I am very well accustomed to languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Konkani, Kannada, and Malayalam."

Amit Narang

Vice President of Finance

"I am an MBA - International Business student at TWU, School of Business. As far as my professional life is concerned, I am a qualified Chartered Accountant with 8 years of experience working with multinational companies across Finance and Taxation divisions. My belief as a member of the TWUGSA would be to foster a true spirit of teamwork and cooperation with an emphasis on shared goals of both TWU and TWUGSA keeping in the center, the mission and vision of the university. Advocate for a campus-wide forum to discuss graduate students' suggestions, their challenges (if any), and most importantly, how we can as TWUGSA team address the same with the best available resources. To host timely workshops on the campus to promote the purpose and motive of the TWUGSA with existing and new graduate students. I ensure adherence to the policies for spend and reimbursement by all council members of the GSA. Also, working with the GSA council on the approved funding for activities and events within the university, and utilization of the allocated funds in the best optimal manner for the benefits of the students and university."

 Isabella Potter

SGS Representative

"My name Isabella Potter and I holds a BA with a psychology major and French minor. I am currently in my second year of the Counselling Psychology MA program here at Trinity Western University and I am honoured to work with and learn from such bright, thoughtful, and compassionate people. As a member of the GSA, I strive to bring curiosity and thoughtfulness to whatever ideas or challenges that may arise. I believe that my calm presence could bring a fresh perspective to the group and I can be an advocate for the graduate student body. I hold values such as  community, faith, and service and I have been in various leadership roles over the last several years at work, school, and church.

Amidst the current pandemic, I am aware that many are struggling and thus, I desire to foster hope, meaning, collaboration, creativity, community, and integrity throughout these difficult and uncertain times."

Dryden Demchuk

SGS Representative

"My name is Dryden Demchuk and I am a graduate student at TWU working towards my MA in Interdisciplinary Humanities. I hold a BA in History and Philosophy from the King’s University in Edmonton, Alberta and am planning on pursuing doctoral studies in the future. This is the second year during which I have had the privilege of serving on the TWU GSA as a representative of my program. I am passionate about higher education and Christian scholarship, and it is my primary goal on the GSA to promote and publicize the work and research of TWU graduate students, a goal which I am currently pursuing as the host of Eido: the TWU GSA podcast. It will be my honour to serve the graduate student community of TWU during the current academic year, and to become personally acquainted with the voices and accomplishments of my fellow graduate students."

Mehak Arora

SGS Representative

"My name is Mehak and currently I am pursuing an MBA in International Business Management at TWU. I hail from the Northern part of India and my experience as a student in Canada at TWU had been phenomenal. After coming here, my faith in Christian values intensified and I was always looking for opportunities to serve people in every possible way and develop as a servant leader. Finally, God listened to me I got an opportunity to serve as a Graduate Collegium Assistant as a part of the leadership role. Life had even more to offer me and then I got elected as a student representative of TWUGSA body and I was on cloud nine as it was an opportunity for me to stand with all the graduate students in their thick and thin, and assist them in every aspect of student life. My goal as a part of this body is to enhance their academic and social experience resulting in the wellness of the student community. I hope this opportunity will help me to develop as a more compassionate person apart from developing as a servant leader in the future."

Tracy Nnanwubar

Communications Coordinator

"I am an English Expert currently studying for a Masters in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MATESOL) at Trinity Western University in Canada. I am a Creative Writer and Author of "Red Pepper and English Tea" (Award Winner for Best New Fiction).  I am a member of PEN America, Association of Nigerian Authors and Society for Book & Magazine Editors of Nigeria. I am also on the Board of Trustees for Goge Africa Foundation. Post-COVID-19, I pioneered The Online Lady lending my voice to literacy advancement through book parties, linguistic projects and English language training. At 19, the Commonwealth of Nations sponsored a documentary about my life for British and Nigerian Television.  I was a Resident Writer at the 2012 London Olympics and a Writing Fellow of the Farafina Trust Creative Writing Program, sponsored by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. I am also a Poize Insider Network Awardee for Entrepreneurship Beyond Survival, and a Young Enterprise Scale-Up Program Awardee by HYBR & the THNK School of Creative Leadership in Amsterdam. I am a Mentee of AFRISOC’s Scholarships and Access Committee at the University of Oxford, and I contributed to the passing of the motion by the Brampton City Council in Canada for Incoming Investment Opportunities with African and Caribbean Markets”, with a special focus on Education & Creative Arts in Lagos, Nigeria. I am a World Bank Scholar, McKinsey Next Generation Women Leaders Award Finalist and the new Graduate Students Association’s Communications Coordinator at Trinity Western University in Canada."