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Clubs & Student Initiatives

Clubs & Student Initiatives

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I          Club Recognition

Student groups wishing to be officially recognized by TWUGSA are required to submit an application form to any member of the council. A two-thirds (2/3) majority vote is required for approval and classification of the clubs either Academic or Non-Academic.

A       Academic and Non-academic club applicants must fulfill the following requirements:

a         Elect a president who will be a liaison with the TWUGSA council according to the meeting structure section of the policy manual

b        Choose a treasurer who will be accountable to the VP of Finance for the use of TWUGSA funds

c         Have a minimum membership of 4 people

d        Have a constitution which shall outline the name, objectives, membership requirements, officers, and duties of club members and be included with the application and be consistent with the mission statement of the Graduate Student Association.

B       Academic club applicants must also fulfill the following requirement:

C       Identify under which faculty or school the club resides

II       Club General Guidelines

Once recognized, clubs will relate to the TWUGSA in the following ways:

A       Clubs may function freely: planning, advertising, and executing activities independently

B       Clubs will be fiscally responsible to VP of Finance in regards to their annual budget, including funds spent and raised.

C       Presidents will be the direct liaison to council (ex. Bringing proposals forth to the TWUGSA members, advising, scheduling events in coordination with the graduate calendar, etc.)

D       Access to photocopy machines will be given to clubs with a $100 limit per year.

E        Clubs will be given access to the TWUGSA office and equipment.

III     Club Renewal

A       Clubs that renew their status for the following year before April 30 (the end of the academic year) will receive $200 in May for the next academic year. These funds are accessible through the VP of Finance.

B       In order to be eligible for this incentive, each club must fill out the Renewal Form and present it to the council by the end of March.

C       Clubs that do not take advantage of this incentive are responsible to complete the renewal process by November 1st of the current year in order to remain an official TWUGSA club.

IV    Loss of Official Club Status

Clubs may lose their status if they fail to complete the renewal process. Clubs may also lose their status if a proposal to decertify a club is submitted, considered, and approved by the council. Clubs may also lose their status if their activities fail to align with the mission statement of the GSA of with the core values of the university. All of these status choices must be made by a 2/3 majority vote by the council.

V       List of Official TWUGSA Clubs

The Vice President must maintain a list of current clubs.

VI    Student Initiatives

The TWUGSA supports student initiatives that are for the betterment of their education, spiritually and/or intellectually.

A       The TWUGSA budgets for the semester the amount of money that they will allocate to these initiatives and they are provided to students on a competitive first come basis.

B       All requests must be received four (4) weeks prior to the event in order to allow enough time for the GSA to discuss and approve the initiative. 

C       TWUGSA does not provide for more than 50% of the costs for any single initiative and no more than $250 total amount.

D       All financial support is provided as a reimbursement and is given at the completion of all requirements for TWUGSA student initiatives.

E        Initiatives may include activities such as: conferences, trainings, etc. but tuition costs (whether credit or audit) at any institution are not eligible for funding. 

F    Students may apply for one (1) individual initiative per GSA year (May to April) and one (1) group initiative. 

VII Required information for Student Initiatives

A       Proposal for support

a         A one to two page report describing the initiative, why you desire to attend, how it will improve your educational experience at TWU, and your financial need.

b        A budget for the initiative and sources of income

c         All of the above information must be in to be considered for approval.

B       Final Report

a         A one page summary of the initiative and its benefits towards your education.

b        Expenditures report, including copies of all receipts